Google commissioned Ipsos, an independent market research company, to understand consumer attitudes about click to call within organic and paid mobile search results. Ipos surveyed 3,000 mobile searchers who had recently made purchases to understand the role that click to call played in the purchase process. The study explored behaviors across seven different categories: Travel, Restaurant, Finance, Retail, Technology, Local Services and Auto.

The Role of Click to Call In the Path to Purchase

“61% of mobile searchers state that click to call is most important in the purchase phase of the shopping process.

47% of mobile searchers say that if a business does not have a phone number associated with their search results, they will be more likely to explore other brands.

Adding a phone number to mobile search ads results in an average click through rate increase of 8%.”

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How it works

Click-To-Call Conversion Delivery solution by Telefogist is transparently integrated into your Ad Serving platform. We manage the telephony part of the workflows assuring the best voice quality and precise conversion tracking.

Ad campaign setup

Enable Click2call service on our platform via API or WEB interface.


Creative delivery

Deliver the advertiser's creative to its target mobile audience.


Redirect clicks from the audience to our conversion delivery URL.

Click2call Ad Creative
Click2call Mobils OS confirmation
Click2call dialing


Mobile users are asked by their mobile OS, if they wish to make an outbound call.


Call center

Calls from the mobile users are forwarded to the advertiser's call center.



As soon as a long-duration call is detected, the conversion is reported to your platform.


It's a synergy of mobile advertising and voice communication with your potentials. Our platform features make it easy for you to launch effective click-to-call products for your customers.

Global service

Available in 60+ countries world-wide.


Mobile, email, rich media, social and video are natively supported.

Predictable costs

Your 3rd-party spending is entirely under your control due to our CPC/CPA billing.

Real-time conversions

Our solution follows Ad Campaign Measurement Process Guidelines by IAB.

Caller verification

Effective filter for telemarketing and misdialed numbers.

Integration API

It's designed specifically for Ad Serving platform needs.

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